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What If You Could Brush Your Teeth Perfectly in 10 seconds ?

Introducing Y-Brush, the smarter auto-cleaning electronic toothbrush. Simultaneously in-depth cleaning of all your teeth in 10 seconds only.

Developed along with specialists, Y brush automatically cleans in depth your teeth with the Bass method, recommended by dentists. In just 10 seconds using the Bass method your teeth will be cleaned with sonic vibrating technology.


Effortless Cleaning 

Our mouth is made up of 32 teeth with 3 visible angles for a total of 96 overall faces to be cleaned.  If the recommended brushing time is 2 minutes minimum, then it means that each surfaces of the tooth should be brushed for 1.25 seconds at least for a total of 3.75 seconds per tooth.

With Y-Brush each of your teeth are brushed 5 seconds since all the teeth are brushed simultaneously, that is 4 times more than with a traditional manual or electric toothbrush during a brushing of 2 minutes.

The Bass method is a technical brushing movement which consists in tilting the head of your toothbrush at a 45° angle while making a rolling motion that removes more effectively dental plaque, plaque and bacteria at the gingival crevice.

Developed and tested by dentists for the last 3 years, Y-Brush eliminates the bacteria responsible for gingivitis, periodontitis, and gum disease with features required of the Bass Method.

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... but also comfortable !

After numerous in vitro and in vivo tests, we could attest that nylon bristles are the most effective at removing plaque compared to other materials (such as silicone for example). Other tests have also shown that Y-Brush removes 15% more plaque than a traditional toothbrush. Also, the tips of its hair are rounded to brush your teeth and gums without aggression.

No need to buy a special toothpaste, you can keep yours by using our applicator which delivers the proper amount of toothpaste everywhere on our brush.

The handle has 3 vibration modes to adapt to your sensitivity. It can be shared by the whole family, as long as everyone keeps its own brush :).

With its 4 brush sizes, the whole family can use Y-Brush (2 adult sizes, 1 child size and 1 intermediate size). This one is very flexible, therefore adaptable to all jaw shapes.

To clean it, simply rinse it under water, as with your current toothbrush!

The autonomy of Y-Brush is one month (2 uses per day). A charging station allows you to store the device while recharging it wirelessly using induction.

The simplicity in use of Y-Brush makes it ideal for children with disabilities as well as for dependent people living at home.

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